Given the current developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic,  Parent Project Italy’s Board of Directors has established – considering the urge to protect our entire community – that the International Conference, scheduled in Rome from 17 to 20 February, will take place exclusively in virtual mode. It won’t be possible, unfortunately, to hold this much-awaited event in the mixed mode – in presence and in streaming – which had been planned and on which the association has been working for many months.

The staff will take care of reworking the event plan to make it fully enjoyable online, through a tight schedule of sessions with interventions from Italy and abroad. Despite the disappointment of having to postpone once again this key live meeting, we are sure that the streaming mode will still allow us to share all the rich information and in-depth contents of our program.

Registrations that have already been submitted  will remain valid for remote participation. Anyone wishing to register can do so through the following link:

All the instructions related to remote participation will be diffused over the next few weeks.